Wi-Fi is set to be the key driver

Updated: Mar 28 2005, 05:30am hrs
India is becoming one of the highest growth markets for computer notebooks. The reasons for this are manifold, the most important being mobility. Be it professionals or students, no one wants to be tied down to their desks when they can work with the same data anywhere. Plus, notebooks are not seen as luxury items any longer because of the ever decreasing price points. The total cost of ownership has gone down dramatically over the last three years. And that has made it accessible to one and all.

The growth of Indian IT Industry and government support to IT initiatives have been important factors. With many departments taking initiatives on e-governance, the notebook culture is set to grow even more. Several universities are asking students to buy notebooks to enable them to become more productive. Thus, students are taking notes on their notebooks and can modify these notes without having to rewrite, thus enhancing their productivity.

With an entire generation growing up in a mobility-driven environment, the culture is only going to spread further and become a norm in a few years from now.

Notebook culture is also a result and part of the trend of anytime-anywhere information. With everything available at the snap of a finger, no one wants to wait for information or keep it limited to a certain place. Now, people in India want everything instantly, be it receiving, sending or retrieving information. Wi-fi has been and will continue to be the key driver of the notebook trend. From hotel lobbies to offices to coffee shops, we see the notebook environment building up and further accelerating the growth of the notebook in India.

As India integrates in the World Economy, workers of all types are becoming more mobile. The urban markets are getting saturated. New markets are necessarily in the semi urban and rural areas. Along with mobile phones, a notebook can make a worker productive even when there is no power. As a matter of fact, with VoIP becoming prevalent, even a mobile phone is not required!

As India shines, technology booms and prices decline, luxuries will keep becoming basic must haves doing what mobile phones did to fixed lines! The new generation of Indians will see a computer only in the avatar of a mobile notebook and not a fixed line desktop.

The writer is chairman and managing director, Eastern Software Systems