Where Is The Sample

Updated: Jan 30 2003, 05:30am hrs
The recent launch of the new Tata car, Indigo, had the entire Mumbai glitterati in attendance. A few speeches and a small entertainment act later, it was time for the audience to gasp in awe as the new beauty from the Tata stable was rolled out with much fanfare.

After the show was over and dinner was taken, a public relations practitioner from a large fast moving consumer goods company came over and whispered to a Tata official: Isnt there a sample product in the press kit At our company, we always give away samples after a launch! Talk about being direct.

A Way Of Life
Unit Trust of India (UTI) chairman M Damodarans sense of humour is legendary. Eavesdropper had recently reported about his being bitten by the fitness bug. The UTI chief had then justified his new trim frame by saying he was shedding assets under management.

Curious corporate bosses still call him to inquire how his fitness programme is progressing. But these days and a few pounds later, the UTI chairman has a new justification for continuing his exercise and diet regimen. With the new UTI having to fall in line with Securities and Exchange Board of Indias norms for mutual funds, the UTI chief says: Im continuing with my exercise since I now have to be structurally compliant.

In its bid to untangle the mess over interconnect charges, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) did leave behind a mass of crossed wires as far as the media was concerned when it came out with its latest amendment to the telecommunication tariff order on Saturday.

Barring a few telecom journalists who seemed barely able to follow the maze of the authoritys logic, most were pleading with Trai chairman MS Verma to demystify the new guidelines.

A Trai spokesman seemed moved by the plea and took more than a step forward to dumb it down for the hacks.

Some samples of explanations: ...free calls means you dont have to pay for them... and ...there is no increase in rural fixed line rentals which means, in percentage terms, a zero per cent increase... D-uh!