When Rajnath Singh was asked, 'Shouldn't you ban the word Hindu'

Updated: Jun 28 2013, 21:46pm hrs
Rajnath Singh: I dont think the word Hindu should be banned, it is our ideology. Why should anybody hesitate to say I am a Hindu, or I am a Muslim or I am a Christian The BJP always talks of cultural nationalism and integral humanism. The Congress has no problems in its alliance with the Muslim League and calls itself secular. But the BJP which does not believe in discrimination is not secular. Its time people know the truth.

On Narendra Modi

I have just declared Modi the chairman of the election campaign committee. We very well understand the mood of the people of India. Rest assured, we will take the right decision at an appropriate time.

On L K Advani

Advani ji is our guardian. He had raised some concerns but certainly it was not against Modis elevation as chairman of the campaign committee. Advaniji is a highly respected leader. His contribution in building the party along with Vajpayeeji cannot be overlooked. In a family, a father sometimes makes a point against a child no matter how intelligent or good he/she is. Similarly, Advaniji said that in the same tone.