Whats the matter

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Jan 28 2008, 04:13am hrs
The world is going online. Blink, and you have another few million sucked into cyberspace. The phenomenon is reaching crisis levels in the offline world, with computer-dependence fast rendering a lot of old world skills redundant. Try hand-drafting a letter without making a spelling error, for example, and youll recoil to your keyboard. And this skill erosion is endemic. Recently, the managing director of Indias leading mutual fund house revealed that he, too, had fallen victim to it. Since nobody else was home to support his father-in-law while filling up an NFO form, his help was requisitioned. This would be just the thing, thought the elderly gentleman, what with his son-in-law being a fund manager n all. Why look elsewhere when theres top-bracket financial expertise right at home Well, well, well. The task took him three-to-four hours, confessed the fund manager, relieved to return to the demat world.

Alls forgiven

How far would companies go to make sure they attract the best of talent available The head honcho of a large Mumbai-based company was explaining how he was fighting attrition on one side, while trying to recruit the best for international forays, on the other. We organise get-togethers with some of our ex-employees. There, we explain how the company has changed, what the growth phase now is for the company, and how they will be rewarded if they make a comeback. Eavesdropper could not make out how many ex-staffers subjected to these charms actually returned to the companys fold, but was touched by the idea.