Weve successfully experimented with the summer university

Written by Kirtika Suneja | Updated: Jul 2 2013, 01:02am hrs
More than a year after he took charge of Gurgaon-based Management Development Institute as director, Mukul Gupta tells Kirtika Suneja that the institute has grown past the survival era and there are no constraints on growth, except physical ones. Excerpts:

What kind of changes have you brought in at MDI with respect to faculty, students and programmes

We have increased our footprint in two waysthe first is by introducing qualitative changes in the curriculum and the second by experimenting with a summer university. We have planned obsolescence in programmes which encourages the faculty to revisit curriculum every year. Besides, we substitute 20% of our course with newer ideas so that it becomes relevant. Some kind of freshness is required in the programme and hence we change cases, examples or textbooks. We have added four new electives this year and deleted three from last year.

What is the concept of a summer university How does it work

We experimented with a summer university this year and became the first business school in the country to launch it. We feel that talented students from the country who do not study in well known or innovative business schools should not feel disadvantaged. State universities in tier 2 cities nominate 4-5 students who are then taught certain MBA programmes by the faculty of our partner schools internationally in our campus here. This eight-week programme happened when our own students were doing their summer jobs. Their grades are then transferred to the mark-sheet of their state university.

Is faculty expansion on the cards at MDI

We want to create a faculty float so that the faculty not only have sufficient time for themselves but can also do research. The permanent faculty strength is 74 and we added 10% more people recently. Besides, we are processing 10 international faculty at present.

Is research a criterion while promoting faculty

There are inbuilt incentives to do research and if any faculty member does outstanding research, then there is an incentive. Promotions in early stages of their career till they become associate professor are easier and research is included in their promotion. It is after that when research becomes individual driven.

Will student intake be increased this year

We have 1,200 students across all programmes and there is a physical limitation of the campus. So, there is no increase in the student intake.

What about the Murshidabad campus

The Murshidabad campus should be up and running by next year, with a post graduate programme for 120 students initially. The investment in that campus is to the tune of R50-60 crore.

What about collaborating with foreign universities

We have close to 50 collaborations till now and two more have been forged this year. Due to this, we now have a footprint in every continent. We are also looking at Eastern Europe as an opportunity area.