Were seeing growth coming in from all verticals

Written by Goutam Das | Goutam Das | Rachana Khanzode | Updated: Feb 10 2011, 04:26am hrs
Cognizant Technology Solutions has been surprising the industry with its rapid growth. The firms president and managing director of global delivery R Chandrasekaran explains to FEs Goutam Das and Rachana Khanzode the companys recipe for success.

Cognizant is about to redefine the IT industrys pecking order. Where is the firms growth coming from

We have seen growth coming from all the industry verticals BFSI, retail, manufacturing; emerging verticals like information media entertainment also grew. We saw good traction from existing customers and won newer engagements.Many companies wrote off Europe but for us the continent grew 10% sequentially last quarter. We have seen good growth across all geographies.

Strategically, how has Cognizant managed to beat other firms in growth numbers

Strategically, the reason why we are growing faster than most companies is because of some of the things we have done historically. We have been organised along industry verticals, in strategic business units which most other companies are announcing now. We have been doing that for the last 14 years. Financially, the leverage that we have to invest in the business is more because of our operating model.

Have you tweaked your organisational model for agility off late

We have been tweaking the model but fundamentally, we remain a customer first organisation. This has helped in retaining customers and growing all client engagements from time to time. Fundamentally, we have Two in a Box model. Sometime back, we introduced Three in a Box. We wanted to bring in the consulting angle to the way we manage client engagements.

Explain how Two in a Box works.

It ensures the client relationship is managed intimately. Understanding business priorities and how we align our service offerings is managed by the client relationship team. We need to back it up by solid delivery.

There is a divergence in the industry one set of companies want to go up the value chain faster and the other group wants to commoditise services faster. Would you say Cognizant falls in the second group

If you dont add value, you will be out of the business very soon. If you call application development maintainence (ADM) commoditised services, we are in that business. But delivering ADM in the most optimum way will protect our margins.