We need people who can help elevate our brand

Written by Prashant Deo Singh | Updated: Nov 30 2010, 06:40am hrs
It dates back to the time when Konosuke Matsushita, founder of the Panasonic Corporation, the parent company of Panasonic, quoted: For me as an entrepreneur, the primary duty, or mission, of management lies in satisfying the human instinct for improving the quality of life. Panasonic has believed and practised this mantra ever since. The mantra has been a guiding force for Panasonic, elevating it in the process of improving the quality of life of buyers as well as the life of all her stakeholders.

Keeping this philosophy in mind, Panasonic follows a recruitment procedure for managerial positions in sales, marketing, customer service, HR and finance. The global platform is laden with competition; hence it becomes imperative to hire candidates who are high on enthusiasm. Honesty and integrity are two virtues Panasonic does not compromise on.

Along with the conventional procedure, Panasonic takes a different route starting this year by focusing on recruiting candidates from premier B-schools for the sales, marketing and customer service, HR and finance categories. The procedure involves two stages: first a group discussion followed by a competency-based interview for selection. The selected candidate then proceeds on to a structured orientation programme in order to familiarise him/her to the culture of the organisation. A day-long induction programme is conducted to educate the candidate on the system processes along with the principles abided by the organisation. Later, the candidate is exposed to various locations in order to garner knowledge about the strategies adopted in order to execute plans from one location to the other. He/she is exposed to hands-on experience during the training programme to inculcate a feel and a better understanding of the organisation and its principles, and also build relationship across the organisation. Panasonic offers well-defined roles for those who contribute to the organisation in an innovative manner and also ensures a well-defined career path that one can treasure for a lifetime.

A candidate seeking recruitment in Panasonic needs to display competencies such as information seeking quality, i.e., the candidate should be open to learning and absorbing information. This helps him/her to contribute ideas for the betterment of the organisation.

In addition, we are looking for candidates who place customers on the priority list; who have a passion for business success; who have the ability to think out of the box (innovation); who have the commitment to collaborate and a can do spirit; and lastly, as I mentioned earlier, candidates who believe in honesty and integrity.

Panasonic strongly emphasises on personal development, training programmes, projects, etc, designed to recognise strengths of its employees and nurture them to its fullest potential. Individuals motivated with global perspectives, specialised skills and who believe in the vision of enriching human life through innovative technology are the ones who make it to our priority list.

Panasonic believes in entrepreneurial spirit and innovation and looks forward to hiring and developing talent whose contribution will elevate Panasonic brand to the next level on the global platform. Panasonic also provides global career opportunities for high caliber talent.

The author is Head, HR & GA, Panasonic India