We need industry ready professionals

Written by Garima Pant | Updated: Jul 19 2009, 06:41am hrs
This century, just in its first nine years, has created more intense unpredictability than possibly its previous 50 years. Rapid cycles of technology boom, massive upswing and dip in global oil prices, almost inorganic GDP growth in India and China followed by massive slump, huge upswing of financial sector due to its overengineering resulting in a near collapse of global money market, roller- coaster ride of the global real estate market, huge challenges for corporate governance worldwide from Enron to Satyam to Stanford last nine years have seen it all.

On the other hand, technology and telecom have seen exciting convergence touching lives of common people like never before. Telecom in India has been the primary catalytic force of empowerment of people thereby fuelling aspiration and creating new markets. Some of the irreversible benefits of globalised economy have been seen in India in these nine years cutting across banking, insurance, retail etc.

Fundamentals of business have changed alongwith creating never before demand of readily trained professionals, in very large numbers, to sustain and fuel this unpredictable journey. Business and economy having lost its steady state, companies could no longer afford to train fresh recruits for long before deploying them to billable assignments, if they were to grow. Grooming of graduates in this era of convergence, where technology and management seamlessly blend, has become a matter of paramount importance. The need of the hour is to create a pool of industry ready professionals, billable from virtually day one.

We are, today, living and transacting in a highly globalised and competitive world where countries such as ours have to learn to work across different cultures, backgrounds, economic environments, value systems etc to take advantage of the globalisation process. More specifically, people in knowledge driven business organisations should not only be good in technology but should be adept at managing it well. People have to be mentored and groomed to converse, transact, develop and deliver country independent, global solutions. Thats where a business school today can add real value by creating a learning environment where youngsters can imbibe these values, get schooled in technology, systems, processes and management skills while at the same time appreciating different cultures and value systems.

Today, this training process at times gets oversimplified as a Finishing School, seen as institutions where one comes to learn English and pick up on communication skills only. While that is important, a proper training on employability in management discipline is much more than that. We have today come to a point where it is imperative to move from a teacher centric system to a learner centric system. Going forward, learners have to take primacy in the learning process and inculcate the spirit of enquiry. Knowledge dissemination systems have to seamlessly blend both hard (technology/management) skills and soft skills, with emphasis on work related skills. The concept,will have a transformational effect on our youngsters and society as a whole, forming a firm foundation for growth and development of the knowledge economy which is the essence of 21st century in business.