We Hope For More Power

Updated: Apr 27 2004, 05:30am hrs
I refer to Malvika Singh’s edit page article ‘Ambani aims for power to all’ (Apr 24). Anil Ambani has a great dream. I wish Reliance does the same that it has done in other areas of business. As it seems, Tata is following Ambani in power. This is a great thing and gives hope that in the next 10 years, the problem of power across the country will be solved both quantitatively and qualitatively and that power becomes a good enough business proposal for at least four or five more industrial houses to join Mr Ambani. The whole country is looking forward for the success of these industrialists.
I R Sharma

Small Investor Woes

This refers to your editorial ‘CalPERS grade’ (Apr 24). Though there have
been significant small investor-friendly changes in the capital markets, the facility of providing margin trading in only 60-odd stocks and bank finance against only selected so-called liquid scrips keeps small investors disadvantaged.
Arun Jethmalani

Meaningless Surveys
Notwithstanding the arguments for and against opinion/exit polls, can anyone explain as to the necessity of conducting such surveys and the purpose which they serve Except that they queer the pitch, they serve no purpose. In Malayalam, there is a saying that means ‘Does one have to get to know about the mega event when one is venturing to personally witness the same’ Considering the wide gulf between the predictions and reality, poll surveys can at best be described as an exercise in futility.
— V S Jayaraman

Forbes Takes Note
Twenty-seven Indian companies have made it to the Forbes list which has 2,000 top companies worldwide. We should be proud of this achievement because we have surpassed China from where only 25 companies could make it.
S R Murdeshwar

Give And Take
Recently, many companies have shown increase in profits compared to previous years and have declared high dividends, bonus shares etc. A major reason for higher profits are the low lending interest rates. These profits are, in a way, taken from the middle class which invests money in banks at low interest rates.
V S Venkatavaradan, Salem

Give Us Sops!
The Supreme Court has announced that tax benefit for exporters will be available only for those making a profit from their exports and not for those incurring losses. The apex court has said that the loss of export of traded goods should be set off with the profit of export of manufactured goods (Apex court Vs Ipca Laboratories Ltd, Mumbai) and the tax benefit can be claimed only on the remaining balance, under section 80HHC of the Income Tax Act. The income tax department also agrees to this statement.
Because the export business earns more amount of foreign earnings when compared to other business, the concept of set off of export of traded goods losses with the income of export of manufactured goods should be relaxed to boost exports.
— K Ramasamy, Tamilnadu