We are not hiring any more this year

Written by Rachana Khanzode | Updated: Jul 12 2009, 04:03am hrs
TV Mohandas Pai
Infosys Technologies and its subsidiaries' gross hires for the first quarter of this financial year were 3,538 people. However the company saw a net decline in headcount of 995 employees as against a net addition of 1,772 in the previous quarter and of 3,192 in the year-ago period. For Infosys, the decline in net additions isnt a concern, as employees didnt finally join the company. It currently has 1,03,905 employees as against 1,04,850 at the end of the fourth quarter and 94,379 in the same quarter last year. Infosys' head of human resources and education and research TV Mohandas Pai, in an interview with FEs Rachana Khanzode, said that the company is not looking at any further hiring. Excerpts:

How many of Infosys job offers have been honored Any hiring plans going ahead

We made 20,000 offers last year and everybody has been sent the offer letters with a date to start training. Since our Mysore facility has a limited capacity, we cannot train everyone at the same time. Some of them are already in and some would be coming in by early August. We expect all to be on board by January-February 2010. We are not going for any further hiring.

At what stage of the iRACE programs are you

We started the iRace program last year to help define the career architecture of employees. There was a need for a natural cluster and to consolidate roles and tighten jobs. We needed to assess if our earlier programs started five to seven years back still worked or not. We needed to diagnose todays organization and whether we are doing well or not. Also, what we want to plan for three to four years down the line.

When is Infosys expected to take a decision on who will be stepping into Nandan Nilekanis position

One needs to understand that Nandan was full time on the board and has now stepped down from the co-chairman position. We already have a non-executive chairman, who is Narayana Murthy. Kris Gopalakrishnan is CEO and managing director. The board might not even think of filling this space because there is no need for a co-chairman. Nandan had stepped down from the CEOs position about two and a half years back and was the time co-chairman position was created.

What is the companys approach towards training

We have increased the training period for new joiners from 18 to 26 weeks that includes language skills training for freshers. For employees, there are classroom and e-learning sessions. We also bring forward internal projects like those on intellectual property and R&D. Typically for an 18-week training we require $5000 per employee and since the training has increased, we will need another $2500 for 8 more weeks.

What is your take on the various protectionist policies talked about and implemented by the US and the UK

The employment scenario in the UK and the US continues to be the same except for a marginal improvement. H1-B application dates have been extended, as they were not filled up. We see no further pressures going ahead. We have not witnessed any increased rejections of L-1 visas as we had applied very sparingly and genuinely for these. We have one of the least numbers of applications for L-1.