Waiting For That Royal Moment

Updated: Nov 10 2003, 05:30am hrs
The Raj hangover is alive and well, thank you! At a recent reception held during the Mumbai visit of Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, one spotted more than a fair crowd of corporate honchos jostling for a shake of the Princes hand.

While the India Inc bosses and their wives were dressed in their best, the Prince came in and began his round of the room, shaking hands with people who, to him, were virtual strangers.

But what was interesting was the manner in which managing directors and chief executive officers of some of the countrys better known corporations were literally waiting at designated spots for that one minute of polite non-conversation with the Prince.

In fact, one spotted a pharma company CEO yawning away after waiting for around two hours at his designated spot, while the Prince chatted up film star Rani Mukherjee, among others!

No Kid Stuff, Please
Guess what put off participants from states at the Bangalore IT.com 2003 exhibition in Karnataka While VIPs were invited to get a feel of the much hyped IT exhibition, business visitors during the first half of each day were none other than children of those VIPs.

Even as the state representatives went about complaining of not getting the right kind of high-profile visibility, some of them said that they would have preferred even the general public rather than a bunch of school-going kids and toddlers with cotton candy and popcorn in their hands hanging around their respective stalls at the exhibition.