Voting in Malaysia is transparent, literally

Kuala Lumpur, Mar 29 | Updated: Mar 30 2007, 05:41am hrs
In a bid to make voting more transparent, Malaysias Election Commission has introduced see-through ballot boxes, newspapers reported on Thursday.

The new boxes, which can hold some 700 ballot sheets, will be used in the next general election, and replace the usual black metal ballot boxes, The Star quoted election commission chairman Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman as saying.

We have been very transparent so far and we would like to show that we only tally ballots which have been inserted into the box, Abdul Rashid said, according to both The Star and New Straits Times.

Although Abdul Rashid appeared to have made that statement in jest, he was also taking a swipe at opposition parties who claim that the election commission is biased in favor of the ruling party.

The main reason for introducing the translucent plastic ballot boxes, however, is that they are much lighter, weighing only a third as much as the metal ones, news reports said.

Abdul Rashid was not immediately reachable at his office for further details.