Voice Over

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Nov 30 2008, 06:05am hrs
Here is the analysis of the Mumbai attacks offered by Deepak Chopra (physician, philosopher and author of Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment):

One of the things that I think is happening is that these militant terrorist groups are actually terrified that [US president-elect Barack] Obamas gestures to the rest of the Muslim world may actually overturn the tables on them by alienating them from the rest of the Muslim world. You know, this is his opportunity to actually harness the help of the Muslims. Theres 1.8 billion Muslims in the world. Thats 25% of the population of the world. Its the fastest-growing religion in the world. If we do not appease and recruit the help of this Muslim world, were going to have a problem on our hands. And we cannot go after the wrong people, as we did after 9/11, because then the whole collateral damage that occurs actually aggravates the situation. In India, this is particularly inflammatory, because theres a rise of Hindu fundamentalism.