VH Group Willing To Help Thailand And Pakistan

Pune, Jan 28: | Updated: Jan 29 2004, 05:30am hrs
The Venkateshwara Hatcheries (VH) Group has expressed willingness to help Thailand and Pakistan overcome the bird flu outbreak. Anuradha J Desai, chairperson of the VH Group said there was enough technological capability in the VH Group to develop a vaccine for bird flu if such a need arose.

We can develop a vaccine in about a month and a half, Ms Desai said. Desai said that WHO had reportedly said the vaccine would take six months but she was confident that the VH team would be able to develop a vaccine in a much shorter timeframe. This assistance would be offered if we are asked to help out, Ms Desai said. This could also be the best preventive measure for keeping bird flu out of India.

The VH chairperson was confident of the resilience of the Indian poultry sector and said India will not be affected by this bird flu. Barring US, no other country could match the Indian technological capabilities and the strong infrastructure on the ground-level, Desai said. .

The Avian Influenza is not new to Pakistan and it has been prevalent there since 1992. It is the lack of diagnostic and R&D facilities and their inability to cope with the outbreak that has escalated the problem in Pakistan. Similarly in Thailand, though there are a few large processing companies, the back-end and farm level integration was not too strong.