US survey sees China becoming superpower in 10 years

New York, Nov 16 | Updated: Nov 17 2005, 06:22am hrs
A majority of US adults think that China, rather than India, would be a superpower in ten years with most more concerned about its military strength than its economic power, says a new survey.

Currently, only 2% think India is a superpower but 20% believe it would attain that position in the next decade, the Harris poll showed.

But 70% think China would a superpower in ten years followed by the European Union (31%), Britain (25%), India and Russia (15%).

Americans also appear to be relatively more concerned about the potential of economic and military growth in China than they are in the Eu, India, Japan, Russia and Britain, the poll showed.

At present, 67% think the US is an economic superpower followed by Japan (30%), China(29%), Britain(18%), European Union(14%), Russia (6%) and India (2%).

The authors of the survey say its worth noting that only 15% of adults think Russia will be a superpower in 10 years, adding this indicates how far Russia has slipped in the minds of Americans since the cold war.

However, more than half the respondents expressed extreme concern about Chinas military strength, the poll showed.

While just under half of US adults think that no country or regions will be stronger than the United States in 10 years, four in 10 (42%) think that China will be stronger than the United States.

About a quarter think that China would be weaker than the United States in 10 years.

The proportion saying China will become stronger than the US is two to three times greater than the proportion saying other countries or regions such as Japan (18%) or the European Union(15%) will become stronger than the US.

Many economists, the authors say, feel that it is in the best interest of the United States if the economies of countries like China, India, and Russia grow.

However, US adults also express some concern.

For example, 53% think that China will have a negative effect on the future of the US economy as compared to 23% who think that China would have a positive effect.

Other countries perceived to have more of a negative effect than a positive effect on the future of the US economy include India(36%15%) and Russia (25% vs 13%), though for these countries substantial numbers feel that the effect will be more neutral than either positive or negative.