US Seeks Help In Hydrogen Fuel Project

New Delhi, Nov 14: | Updated: Nov 15 2003, 05:30am hrs
The United States has sought Indias cooperation in Hydrogen Fuel technology research project. Under this $ 1.2 billion project, US has plans to commercialise Hydro-fuel in the next 20 years.

On Tuesday last a high level delegation under assistant secretary of energy, David Garman held discussions with environment and forests minister TR Baalu on the project.

It is understood that India is willing to collaborate in this area since the countrys spending on petro-products import is the highest. An agreement in this regard will be signed next week in Washington.

According to experts, the initiative was part of the US strategy to rope in India to get support at a Conference of Parties-9 (COP-9) meeting to be held in December in Italy.

US was not a signatory to Kyoto Protocol and would be under tremendous pressure from European Union, African and least developed countries to sign Kyoto Protocol and the former was escaping from it, the environmentalists said.

The reason being that, US will have to extend financial assistance to these countries on climate change programmes even if it agreed to the proposal.

Similarly, it has to reduce carbon emissions to internally recognised standards.

For US administration, protocol is not practicable and is not ready to sign it at the cost of its economic development.

Under the strategy, US has initiated steps to rope in developing countries by extending cooperation on environment protection.

During the COP-8 conference at Delhi last year, the developing and least developed countries had tried to buckle down America.

It may be mentioned that Kyoto protocol could come into force only when atleast 55 countries were signatory to the treaty and these countries emitted atleast 55 per cent carbon-dioxide in the world.

Earlier, it was expected that, Russia would also approve the treaty and the policy would automatically cover the US.

Russia has also ignored the Kyoto Protocol as being done by Canada and Australia.

However, the US senior climate negotiator and special representative Harlan Watson who was here to attend a four-day international conference on climate change said, we appreciate India for its cooperation with United States in advancing the science and technology of climate change.