US Chamber Against Outsourcing Curbs

Washington, April 15 | Updated: Apr 16 2004, 05:30am hrs
The top business lobby in the US vowed on Thursday to fight any attempts to restrict the exporting of jobs overseas, warning the country will pay a tremendous heavy price if proposed laws to curb outsourcing are adopted. The US chamber of commerce, representing three million firms, said it took exception to assertions made by politicians in the run up to the November 2 Presidential election that US companies were selling out Americas future by moving jobs abroad.

The chambers message is clear: the US must be able to source around the world to stay competitive in the global economy and the business community will fight any attempts by our government to restrict outsourcing, Thomas Donohue, the chambers president, told a news conference.

Among the studys key conclusions was that foreigners actually sent more white-collar office work to the US than America shipped to them.

In services particularly, insourcing beat outsourcing by nearly $60 billion annually, Mr Donohue said. The study showed recent job losses and the slow pace of hiring stemmed from increases in productivity, the economic downturn and domestic business impediments.