Written by fe Bureau | Updated: May 30 2011, 06:56am hrs
Wind mills to replace Germany's N-reactors by 2015

Germany is focusing heavily on offshore wind for its future energy supply. With the goal of 25 GW of electricity from offshore installations by 2030, wind could replace 20 nuclear power stations. This year Germanys KfW Banking Group would lend 5 billion euros for the construction of Germanys first ten offshore parks.

GE plant to reduce grid fluctuations

General Electric has designed a gas-fired combined-cycle power plant that can start up rapidly and help electricity grids adapt to the variability of renewable energy. The supply from solar drops at night, while wind power is erratic. GE's new plant can ramp up generation at over 50 MW a minute--twice the current benchmark. The plant can start from scratch in less than 30 minutes.