ULFA warns Hindi-speaking people to stay away from Assam

Guwahati, Jan 18 | Updated: Jan 19 2007, 05:30am hrs
The ULFA on Thursday warned Hindi- speaking people to stay away from Assam during its conflict with security forces, saying there might be an upsurge of violence against them during this period.

Many times we appeal to the Hindi-speaking people that the conflict is running in Assam, so go away from here as soon as possible, the banned group said in the latest edition of its newsletter Freedom.

The ULFA said the security forces instigate these people to ignore our appeal and they stay in Assam. The warning came in the wake of a massive offensive launched by the army against the group after it gunned down 70 migrant workers, a majority of them Hindi-speaking people from Bihar. The ULFA appealed to the Assamese people not to cooperate with security forces in their operations.

The warning to Hindi-speaking people came two days after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh assured the migrants, during a visit to Assam, that they would be given adequate protection. He also asked militant groups including ULFA to abjure violence and come forward for talks.

The ULFA, along with the outlawed Kamtapur Liberation Organisation, Manipur Peoples Liberation Front and Tripura Peoples Democratic Front, also called for a boycott of Republic Day celebrations on January 26.