Two To Tango: World Bank To Tune In To Indian Broadcasters

New Delhi | Updated: Jun 29 2004, 03:24am hrs
The World Bank is planning to work with broadcasters, including those from India, to spread the development message. The Bank has, however, clarified that its not providing direct funding to broadcasters. However, it is looking into the possibility of helping broadcasters with some of its existing resources, World Bank news bureau chief Carl Hanlon told eFE after the Symposium for Broadcasters on International Development, held a few days ago in Washington DC. This was the first time that the World Bank had organised a symposium for the broadcasting sector.

Elaborating on how the Bank could support broadcasters, Mr Hanlon said in an online interview: We have a Global Development Learning Network with satellite-connected offices in 50 countries. These may help tie broadcasters together for education purposes. The Bank is also a leading learning institution, and if it can provide knowledge resources to broadcasters, it is willing to help.

The trigger behind the Bank-broadcasting cooperation is the Millennium Development Goals, which aim to cut poverty by half by 2015. Major strides in education and healthcare are among the other drivers. In fact, the recent symposium explored ways in which the World Bank and broadcasters could work together to promote a pro-development agenda.

Even as the CEO of the public broadcaster Prasar Bharati, Mr KS Sarma, represented India at the symposium, the World Bank is open to the idea of working with private broadcasters as well, it is learnt. According to Mr Sarma, the Bank is very keen on working with broadcasters.

Specifically on the Indian broadcasting sector, Mr Hanlon said: As with other international broadcasters, if there are specific projects from members of the Indian broadcasting sector, they should make those requests directly to the Bank for consideration.