Twirling and thrusting

Updated: Dec 30 2006, 05:30am hrs
Whats the best thing about the twirling and thrusting here [hyperlink] That this guy put together an inspiredand match-winningcricket performance to back up the twirling and thrusting.

Sreesanth has bite to his bark, hes walked the talkchoose your metaphor, really. And that, married to gutsy test-match cricket from every Indian player, is what won this team a famous victorylike I said, within a few hours of this [hyperlink] seeing air.

May Sreesanth always retain that combination of performance and attitude as a bowler, certainly through many more test match victories for India.

(And as an aside, it has been a victory that, once again, shows just how spellbinding test cricket can be. Take your stream of nondescript one-day games... give me five-day test matches, every time).

But this is about Sreesanth, the bowler.

Sreesanths antics in that clip are obviously directed at a man who has, famously, not walked his talk. You know who were talking about. Andre Nel is known for the jibes he directs at guys he bowls to, but is no great bowler.

Nothing quite like showing a guy like that where he can take a walk.

(A reminder here hyperlinkof a previous time that happened).

But apart from that, what is the difference between Sreesanths and Nels respective antics

I mean, I open the sports page of [a mainline news daily] to find that Nel has been described as his teams nastiest bowler.

But of Sreesanth who added to the twirling and thrusting by laughing mockingly at Hashim Amla after getting him out, photo on the papers front pagewe read that he charmed and shocked in equal measure and left you breathlessly laughing, that he has dramatic, belligerent showmanship and a spunky in-your-face attitude, that he symbolised the spirit of the resurgent side.

All of this should be put down to to high spirits .... And cricket needs characters as well as character and Sreesanth is a delightful mixture of both.

The newspaper even tells us that there is no real difference: Sreesanth is doing to [South Africa] what Andre Nel was trying to do to India, only far more successfully.

So heres a question: why is one of these men the nastiest in his team, but the other a delightful character

Or put it this way: if Nel ever backs up his chatter with a bagful of wicketsmeaning, more successfully than he has donewould he too be delightful

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