TWB offers blended learning solutions to time, talent and resource stretched companies

Written by Businesswire India | Bangalore, September 10: | Updated: Sep 10 2008, 16:10pm hrs
The Writers Block (TWB) has added another dynamic dimension to its training portfolio by assisting companies across India enhance their employee skills and on-job effectiveness through its Blended Learning offerings. TWB trainings bring about transformation in corporate teams by strengthening their skill sets and enhancing communication effectiveness for the external and internal customers. TWB has also assisted corporate teams move up the skill value chain and establish better profitability.

TWB Blended Learning methodology allows corporate teams to experience the best of both worlds of - High-intensity, short term and long term, low-intensity, consistent-impact trainings. This helps corporate teams develop a range of technical communication and related skills. TWB has trained 'thousands of employees across geographical locations through high quality blended learning solutions. These include large KPOs, Software, FMCG, Retail, Internet and Telecom companies.

TWB Blended Learning portfolio comprises:

-- Analytics and Research Report Writing

-- Professional Communications

-- Medical Writing

-- Patent Writing

-- Sales Process Effectiveness and Customer Communications

-- Scientific Writing

-- Technical Writing

TWBs technical communication portfolio makes software engineers, analysts, researchers, technical communicators and other professionals, more effective by helping them structure their communication. The TWB Blended Learning infrastructure ensures that corporate employees enhance productivity, while they continue to be present on-the-job regularly.

TWB Blended learning allows:

-- Sustainable Interventions: Employee skills can't be changed over a day, or two. The transformation requires a time commitment ranging from 4 40 weeks and would not be possible in a without using Blended Learning approach.

-- Mass Personalization: Each individual can be given personalized training, trainers do not have to teach to an abstract 'middle of the class' student. All end points may be same, but all start points are different: Each individual start points would be different so the training has scope for mass personalization.

-- High Scalability: Teams may not be co-located and may have size ranging from 10 to 1000 members. All team members need to move up the learning curve in the same amount of time.

-- Standardization: Very high quality standardized training is available to all employees spread across locations and time zones.

Talking about the Blended Learning Solutions, Rakesh Shukla, Founder & CEO, TWB said, Blended learning is increasingly being accepted by the corporate world to catalyze business and organizational growth, most of which is highly dependent on quality of human capital deployed. Companies adopting Blended Learning Solutions are the ones enhancing the learning and development experience of their teams and in process improving revenues, reducing costs and enhancing quality of human capital. These offerings address the needs of most corporate learning and development programs, allowing pace and space for various delivery methods required by different sets of learners, while arriving at the pre-decided learning objectives.

The Blended Learning Solutions are a mix of instructor led training and TWB Online infrastructure that includes:

-- Browser based training delivery that includes - Programmable business logic to create training batches, provide assignments, set time-schedules, collect and deliver feedback; Portfolio of customizable trainings to ensure that these are in-line with customer requirements

-- Real time interaction through Audio-Video interaction, white-boards; Near real time online student-trainer interaction, via forums, e-mail and instant messaging; Pre-prepared material: e-learning software, multimedia demos, e-textbooks.