TWB creates solutions for KPOs and R&D businesses

Written by Businesswire India | Bangalore, August 27: | Updated: Aug 27 2008, 17:40pm hrs
The Writers Block (TWB) has introduced a range of new corporate trainings, which will help technology and intellectual property-driven businesses to manage their information and technical content needs better. TWBs trainings are useful in particular for the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) sector, for large Information Technology companies and Research and Development outfits.

The TWB Scientific and Technical Report Writing portfolio enhances the capabilities of its customers to create high-impact, easy-to-reference reports that allow their (internal and external) customers make effective business decisions. TWB solutions help close the gap between those who ideate and those who execute or communicate.

TWB training comprises:

-- A patented TWB approach to building foundations in the key principles of writing

-- Information structuring of Scientific and Technical Reports

IT, KPO, R&D and other scientific and technological-based organizations differentiate themselves by their ability to bring technical innovation to the market. However, to do so hundreds of decisions need be made within the ecosystem of each organization to preserve the momentum of scientific innovation. In order to create effective decision points, it is critical that research information is captured in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-reference, shareable form, typically not a priority with innovators.

TWBs patented methods allow for these innovators to create such scientific and technological artifacts that can be shared within the innovation ecosystem and also create effective decision points. TWBs training portfolio thus enhances returns on investment in innovation. TWBs trainings already allow many leading India-based technological and scientific research majors communicate more effectively with their ecosystems. Some key TWB clients in this space include India-based IT, KPO, R&D and Government bodies, spanning across sectors of software development, aerospace & defense, pharmaceutical, hi-tech manufacturing and engineering.

Speaking at the launch of new training programs, Rakesh Shukla, Founder & CEO, TWB said, Technological and Business innovation is a key sustainable differentiator across business categories and certainly for our customers in research, critical businesses like IT, KPO, aerospace & defense, manufacturing & pharmaceuticals. The challenge that all customers face is to 'abstract' the innovation that is localized with a few individuals and make it available to the whole innovation ecosystem. This ecosystem of partners, fellow researchers, customers and management, can then make effective decisions in time to drive the direction of research, extract the maximum value for investments made, and cut out research loss. TWBs offering will support companies looking to enhance their innovation management capability. It also is a very uncommon offering in terms of training, and TWB is one of the very few organizations focused on this area.

TWB currently offers over two-dozen corporate training options using the classroom, online, and blended learning methods. TWB delivers customized technical communication programs to suit trainee expertise standards and scheduling requirements.