TWB announces release of TWB fundamental certification in Patent Writing

Written by Businesswire India | Bangalore, November 24: | Updated: Nov 25 2008, 15:18pm hrs
India's leader in Technical Communication Training, Documentation Outsourcing and Knowledge Publishing - The Writers Block (TWB) has added another dimension to its industry-leading portfolio of training with its release of training on Patent Writing. TWB Patent Writing training will be available in two forms: to individuals wanting to be employed in the burgeoning LPO/ KPO sector with the TWB Fundamental Certification in Patent Writing and customized training for TWBs corporate customers.

TWBs Patent Writing training, focuses on imparting knowledge in the form of Principles of Scientific Writing, Introduction to Patenting, the Patent Drafting Process, Searching for Prior-art, Drafting Patent Applications & the Reviewing of Patents.

TWBs training in Patent Writing addresses the considerable demand-supply gap in trained manpower in the LPO market. With the growth of KPO in general and LPO in particular, the entire global legal market is now open to Indian law professionals. ASSOCHAM says that LPOs will generate about 79,000 jobs by 2015. According to Forrester only about 2%-3% of the potential market has been tapped so far. India has significant advantages in the LPO business including: A vast resource of talented English-speaking lawyers, rated between 10% to 15% of that of US lawyers & an operational 24x7 business model.

At present the processes, being outsourced to India, include patent application drafting, legal research, pre-litigation documentation, advising clients, analyzing drafted documents, writing software licensing agreements and drafting distribution agreements.

TWB will continue to develop more training breadth and depth across the entire spectrum of Technical Communications and related skills. The TWB Technical Communications training portfolio comprises:

-- Analytics and Research Report Writing

-- Professional Communications

-- Medical Writing

-- Patent Writing

-- Sales Process Effectiveness and Customer Communications

-- Scientific Report Writing, &

-- Technical Writing

Talking about the TWB Patent Writing training, Rakesh Shukla, Founder & CEO, TWB said, Even though there is an economic slowdown, the overall drivers toward outsourcing remain intact. As the world gets into a more usual business cycle the desire to stay or enhance operations with a better handle on costs, will only increase. As TWB has done in the case of Technical Writing, by becoming the premier source of talent throughout India, TWB will contribute significantly to LPO business growth, by creating a much needed breed of best talent."