Turbulent skies

Updated: Apr 29 2006, 05:30am hrs
This refers to the news item ‘Indian Airlines staff threaten to go on indefinite strike’ (April 28). This is bad news. The genuine grievances of the employees should be addressed. A strike may hit many sectors, but it will harm the airlines and consequently its employees more.

In this context, the news ‘IA-AI merger may not go smooth’ (April 28) is not encouraging. One reason for this is said to be the strong uni-ons of both the airlines. Could the strike threat be related to it The merger has been a long-pending issue. It is for the government now to find a solution.
A Jacob Sahayam

Vote-bank politics
It is unfortunate that whenever the government fails to fulfil its illogical decisions, either because the Supreme Court strikes them down for being illegal or being against the Constitution or other laws, it amends the Constitution or these other laws. And forces the new laws on the public for the sake of so-called national interest, whereas such decisions are merely taken with an eye on the vote-bank.
Take the latest move—to have reservations in private sector jobs and educational institutions. It shall adversely affect the entry of foreign entrepreneurs into India and the skilled Indian labour will move abroad.
Mahesh Kumar

I am a practicing doctor and have my own clinic. The opposition to reservations in medical colleges shouldn’t be taken as just an upper-caste or middle-class response. It has some very serious implications for public health, on which crores are spent every year.
Neeraj Dhamija