Tuning into new scenario

Updated: Jan 6 2006, 05:30am hrs
It would be interesting to see how the FM radio broadcasting scenario unfolds after the bidding process. With just a couple of broadcasters like Radio City and Radio Mirchi ruling the roost in the metros, consumers have limited choice. Though World-Space has been in India for quite some time now, a high subscription fee coupled with the requirement of a different type of receiver, keeps the satellite radio channel out of the reach of the masses.

Things are bound to change now with foreign broadcasters like the BBC showing interest in the Indian market. Radio penetration would increase as non-metro cities are included within the licensing purview.
Moreover, with the entry of so many private players, the natio-nal radio channel will have to pull up its socks to compete. However, it remains to be seen whether any of the players will value-add,like offering visual service, which is so prevalent in the western markets.
Manish Purang

Strong, yet weak
‘Mr PM, you have wasted this year’ (Dec 31) by Malvika Singh was an illustrated truth of how a strong and clean person like Manmohan Singh can be reduced to a farce in politics. According to Transparency International, Indians have paid Rs 24,000 crore in bribes in 2004!
Can citizens of India question the government Yes, provided they pay some more bribe, as was evident in the recent ‘cash-for-questions’ scam involving 11 MPs.
Our PM should be congratulated for forming the government somehow, anyhow to satisfy the needs of the Congress to come to power. But the administrative reforms promised by him are yet to see the light of day. He can begin by taking away discretionary powers vested with the bureaucracy.
M Govardhan