True To Form

Updated: Sep 19 2003, 05:30am hrs
Traces of child marriage may be seen in rural India but perhaps some embassies feel that it is prevalent elsewhere in the country. A few days back when a scribe went for his visa application to the embassy of one of the Scandinavian countries he was totally baffled.

In the form on personal information of the candidate, he filled his childs age, which was five years. The embassy personnel lashed out saying that he had not mentioned whether the child was married or not!

Madam, you dont expect a five-year old to be married, said the journalist. Though a little embarrassed, the embassy employee did not show it.

I dont want to argue with you. You should fill in all the columns whether they are applicable to you or not, ordered the lady.

Cash For Promotion
Plum positions in the countrys multi-trillion rupee financial sector come at a price. Eavesdropper learns that these days, a general manager of a public sector bank aspiring to become an executive director will have to shell out anywhere between Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore. And for an ED who aspires to become MD or CMD, he/she will have to shell out just around Rs 1.5 crore!

The rate in the financial institutions is said to be slightly higher than in the banks, and premiums, they say, could be a cool Rs 1 cr to Rs 2 cr for prime slots in the FIs. So, one need not wonder why top positions in some of our banks and FIs remain vacant for months on end; the game of musical chairs for these lucrative positions is keenly contested. While its no secret how the incumbent recovers the costs, are the sleuths in various departments listening