Training Naidu Jr

Updated: Feb 28 2003, 05:30am hrs
Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu certainly thinks long term, including when it comes to training his son. Preparing perhaps to help him lead the state into a brave new world, Mr Naidu sought an internship for his son, who is studying in the United States, in the office of the Prime Minister of Singapore. The young Naidu spent a few weeks working in Mr Goh Chok Tongs office. After that kind of training Naidu Junior will hopefully return home to make Hyderabad the Singapore of the Deccan!

CPI(M) Shies Away
The anti-globalisation forum World Social Forum (WSF) has been meeting for some years in Brazil. This year, the organisers were asked to look elsewhere for next years venue and have chosen India after the success of the Asian Social Forum meeting in Hyderabad. While Indias anti-globalisers want the WSF meeting to be held in Hyderabad so that they can rail against the globalising chief minister of Andhra, some non-governmental organisations, however, would like the venue to be Kolkata, Indias Red Capital! Afraid that this would shift the focus of attack away from the likes of Mr Naidu to the CPI(M) itself and to chief minister Buddhadev Bhattacharya, the CPI(M) has suggested that WSF should meet in Kerala, where the gathering can attack the new convert to globalisation, AK Antony! Kolkatas CPI(M) government would prefer hosting investor-friendly conferences, not an anti-globalisation meet!

War And Films
With all that talk about a US-led strike on Iraq, its not only oil prices that are taking a beating, but also the film industry. The first casualty seems to be Hollywood, which is in the process of cancelling production in Morocco for the flick The War of Troy as international insurance companies have refused to provide wartime cover. Morocco, with its Atlas mountains, has always been an attractive location for shooting. It now appears that war clouds have overshadowed this location and forced studios to shift to Mexico. Eavesdropper gathers that some European production companies may follow the Hollywood line no, not out of solidarity, but pure economics.