Traditional cure for AIDS, cancer

Dimapur, March 28 | Updated: Mar 29 2006, 05:30am hrs
As one enters the Horticulture pavilion in the ongoing North-east Agri Expo-2006, the last thing that one expects to find is a drug that claims to cure AIDS completely.

But that is exactly what one of the Nagaland stalls is selling. And not only AIDS cure, it has got medicines for cancer too. Traditional doctors from Nagaland Dr Alwang and Dr Haigwambe claim to have totally cured eight people suffering from AIDS with medicines prepared from herbs and plant extracts.

According to the doctors, some sort of juice is extracted from hia and chingbang tree and is injected in the body of the patient to cure him of AIDS. If one does not want to go for injection then the doctor gives medicine and massage.

The doctors say: We provide treatment to about 150 people daily. Individual prescription and dosage are decided for the people, and no fee is taken till the patient gets totally cured.

Though the doctors dont have any registration or authorisation from the Drugs Authority, the medicines are being openly sold at the exhibition and are attracting people in large numbers.

Modern science may take some more time to find an answer to the dreadful disease, but the tribals already seem to have got the answerwhether right or wrong.