Toyota beats GM in global vehicle production in 2007

Written by Associated Press | Tokyo, January 28: | Updated: Jan 28 2008, 21:57pm hrs
Toyota may have fallen short of General Motors in global vehicle sales last year, but its beaten its US rival in another measure - global vehicle production.

The two big manufacturers are vying for sales in the US, Europe and other established markets but also new markets, including India and China.

In the latest neck-and-neck numbers race between the worlds top two automakers, Toyota Motor Corp said on Monday it had made a record 9,497,754 vehicles worldwide in 2007, up 5.3 per cent from the previous year.

Thats about 213,000 more automobiles than the 9.284 million that GM made last year.

Honda and other major Japanese automakers also reported strong annual output gains. Only Mazda said its production dropped.

Toyotas earlier, less precise production estimate for 2007 was 9.51 million. Toyota spokesman Paul Nolasco in Tokyo said there was no special reason for the change from the estimate.

By sales, however, General Motors Corp just barely retained its crown over Toyota, selling 9,369,524 vehicles around the world, up 3 per cent from the previous year, and about 3,000 vehicles more than Toyota.

Toyota on Friday updated its sales tally for last year with additional three digits at 9,366,418. In number released last week, Toyota said it sold 9.366 million vehicles last year globally, up 6 per cent from 2006 - allowing GM to keep its title of worlds No 1 automaker for the 77th year.