Top Jobs Now In Telecom, Pharma

New Delhi | Updated: Aug 3 2004, 04:41am hrs
Hunting for a job Read on. According to online job players, opportunities are slowly pointing at sectors like pharmaceutical, research and development (R&D), healthcare services, telecommunication and retail. Sunrise sectors - infotech and IT-enabled services (including call centres) - that created a boom in the job market continue to offer jobs but at a slower pace.

Retail, pharma, R&D, healthcare and telecom are moving up. Job availability within IT and ITES have settled at around 50 per cent in the last couple of years, chief executive officer Sanjeev Bikchandani said. had recently bought back 5.75 per cent share from ICICI for Rs 5 crore. ICICI was holding 15.6 per cent in earn-ed Rs 22 crore revenue in the year ending March 2004 and now it is targeting a revenue of Rs 46 crore in fiscal 2005. that recently bought and Chennai-based expect sectors like telecom, pharma, R&D, retail to move up in terms of revenue and job opportunities. For, around 70 per cent of revenue comes from IT and ITES sectors. These sectors also provide a large chunk of job postings. But now it expects sectors like pharma, R&D, telecom, retail, healthcare and financial services to contribute 55 per cent of its revenue in the next two years. Right now, these emerging sectors account for 30 per cent of its revenues. has around 2.7 resumes posted on its site. We expect sectors like telecom, R&D, pharma, healthcare, retail and financial services to move up from 30 per cent to 55 per cent of revenue in two years, Monster India senior vice-president (business development) Rajiv Puri said.

Mr Puri also pointed out that the company was now looking at a deeper penetration into the SEC B and C towns and cities primarily because of the demand from the financial services and telecom companies.

Another trend within the job market, as pointed out by, is the upward movement in jobs available in the IT and ITES sector. Earlier, most of the job postings on our site within IT was for application programming (low-end work) but now the job postings for IT and ITES are also moving up the value chain, India general manager - operations and marketing Arijit Sarkar said.

With the success of the Indian software and ITES industry, global companies are more confident in outsourcing high-end work to India. These high-end areas are R&D in product development, embedded software and chip designing, Mr Sarkar said.