Todays Mantra: A Chip Is All You Need To Break Free

New Delhi: | Updated: May 19 2003, 05:30am hrs
Have you ever wondered how you manage to pack in so much in a day and yet stay fit to tap in at a disco or a farm house party late into the wee hours Well, you may say a good designer diet and regular visit to the gym help you stay young at night. But theres more: technology also plays a crucial role in keeping you wide eyed at night. Since the time you get out of the bed in the morning and hit the sack at night, high-tech gizmos and plain simple looking chip-based devices act like the proverbial genie, making life less stressful and thereby manageable.

In hot and sultry months you sleep comfortably, simply because the air conditioner in your bedroom maintains the temperature cool. Unlike the older versions, the digital ACs have everything at the mere touch of a button. The thermostat, the time memory and the speed, everything can be fed into it for a trouble-free night.

And while youre fast asleep, infrared laser locking device at the door keeps you secure. If youre living in multi-storeyed apartments, intercom and close circuit TV installed at the societys security kiosk, helps you keep unwanted visitors at bay.

Consider what Canada-based consultant Garth Gutenberg has to say. Mr Gutenberg, who is an expert in the area of home automation, says: The convenience of Bluetooth in a security device such as a door lock would be amazing, he says. If the lock itself includes some type of intrusion detection, the intrinsic security of the Bluetooth should be sufficient, he explains. While any wireless technology is subject to potential hacking, this type of lock would be at least as secure as conventional key locks, he adds.