To Pray For Another

Updated: Nov 11 2003, 05:30am hrs
Refer to the edit page article ‘Can praying for someone help them heal’ (Nov 8). It is a very good and interesting article. Thanks for enlightening us. Can you publish an article on ‘quality’ during November, 2003 (November being the ‘quality month’) for the awareness of all. Thanks.
S Kumarswamy

Thank you for your beautiful article. Even simple realities need a lab test to become acceptable Let us pray that this attitude changes!

The answer to “Can praying for someone help them heal” seems to be in the positive. For centuries, we have been hearing to pray for the good of others. When a man is in distress he prays for himself but when a public personality is in trouble, everyone prays for him. Remember Amitabh Bachchan’s accident when shooting for Coolie He is thankful to the public for praying for his recovery.
It is well believed by many, do not speak bad or evil, the same may come true. Many times words spoken without thought come true. How There’s no proof but it happens. Also when a man regularly visits a temple, his thoughts become cleaner as the vibrations coming out from the ‘good’ people in the temple affect his thoughts and they become cleaner and the soul is purified too. That is why a religious person, one who is true from his inner heart, seldom does bad deeds. Similarly, prayers too have good effects.
It is difficult to prove scientifically but if one believes in this theory, results are too good to believe! Let me also add here that where there is no scientific theory to provide proof, such actions are the result of God. So, pray for the good of everyone and make this earth heaven!
Mahesh Kumar

Update On Fund
With reference to the news about the proposed Sagar Mala Project (Nov 7), it would be interesting and relevant to learn whatever has happened to the huge funds collected by the government in the Ferrous Scrap Development Fund run by the Ferrous Scrap Development Committee under the steel ministry. All actual users of steel scrap are required to contribute to this Fund which is like the Steel Development Fund for the benefit of major steel producers.
FSDF is meant to develop and assist the development of the ship breaking industry in India, for which an outlay of Rs 10,000 crore is reported to have been allocated in the proposed Rs 1,00,000 crore project. It is strange that there is no mention of the amount lying with the FSDF.
S C Mathur