Tiwari OSD got women in: Raj Bhavan security chief

Written by Sreenivas Janyala | Hyderabad | Updated: Dec 30 2009, 05:51am hrs
In a startling revelation, chief security officer of the Andhra Pradesh Raj Bhavan Mohammed Shokat Ali has said that N D Tiwaris officer on special duty exclusively handled the visits of the women allegedly on the sex tape featuring the former governor. And that he over-ruled security protocol and norms to ensure that there was no official record of their presence.

Ali said: A record of each visitors name and address, entry and exit is kept but in the case of these women, it was only on paper. Their visits were exclusively handled by OSD Aryendra Sharma. Over-riding security protocol and security officers, Sharma would inform the checkpost at the gates and security that such and such car belonging to the Raj Bhavans Motor Transport Department carrying guests of the governor should be allowed inside without any security or identification checks.

Asked why no questions were raised, Ali said: Since it was the OSD himself giving the orders, we had no say in it. Sometimes, the security checkposts were informed that family members were coming in, at other times it was guests. No one dared to check or verify the occupants of these cars which went out or came in sometimes late in the night.

Despite several attempts, Sharma was unavailable for comment. Denying any wrongdoing, Tiwari has claimed that the tape is fabricated. Ali said security during Tiwaris term was reduced to providing pilot and escort to the governor when he ventured out. What happened inside Raj Bhavan was all handled by the OSD, said Ali. This is in sharp contrast to procedure, say Raj Bhavan officials.

Getting an appointment with the governor is a long process. Usually requests for an audience with the governor are forwarded to the Intelligence Bureau. These kind of requests are from social and welfare organisations. Only after Intelligence clears them, an appointment is given. Appointments are not given to everyone who wants to meet the governor, especially persons with no particular purpose. The officer on special duty makes arrangements usually for guests visiting Raj Bhavan, said press secretary to governor SPS Raja.