Third world wants Harbinson to Vacate WTO Agri Panel post

New Delhi, July 29: | Updated: Jul 30 2002, 05:30am hrs
Developing countries, including India, have made a strong case for removal of World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) agriculture committee chairman Stuart Harbinson following his appointment as ‘Chef de Cabinet’ of the multilateral body on the plea that dual posts should not be allowed in the trade organisation.

“A large number of developing countries, including India, and the like-minded group of countries have sought the removal of Harbinson as chairman of the agriculture committee,” official sources told PTI here.

Since Harbinson would be a part of the WTO secretariat as Chef de Cabinet, he should not be allowed to hold two posts, developing countries have argued.

With negotiations on agriculture already on at WTO, developed countries particularly the United States and European Union are expected to stall Harbinson’s removal as chairman as he is widely considered to be pro-West.