"There is absolutely no precedent to what the Zoozoos have done"

Written by Pritha Mitra Dasgupta | Updated: Dec 29 2009, 05:34am hrs
We know that Vodafone wanted to create a splash during the second season of the Indian Premier League. Yet, who came up with the idea of creating the Zoozoos The agency, or the company

Yes, clearly the brief was to create a clutter breaking campaign for the Indian Premier League. As we had learned from our experience in the first season of the event, the same set of audience was following most of the matches, which made brand messages repetitive and boring for them. We had to break through that barrier. So, in a joint brainstorming session with Vodafone, we arrived at the thought of doing a new film during each day of the IPL. Once everybody got excited about that, we needed a simple, endearing device to string all these brand stories together. And thats when we came up with the Zoozoos.

Why do you think the Zoozoos became so popular

Zoozoos are like cartoon strips coming to life. They laugh loudly. They cry loudly and most importantly, they are extremely adorable. They speak gibberish. They have a universal appeal. The simplicity of each Zoozoo film and the Zoozoo characters themselves have made them so popular.

The Zoozoos has been a long-running series. Has it been too challenging to come up with a new theme every time you did a new ad And how did you make sure that the novelty and the entertainment quotient did not get compromised

When we approach a new script on the Zoozoos, it is evaluated with the same exacting standards as an individual script would. And that is the only reason why people actually look forward to the next Zoozoo film.

The beauty of the Zoozoos stories we have crafted is that each one of them is complete by itself and yet is an integral part of a whole series. It works on the assumption that a viewer is going to watch and react to an individual film. And in the event that she sees many films -- which we ensure with targeted media placement-- the result is only going to get amplified. Also, since all of the stories are based on a bouquet of products and services on offer from Vodafone, we have adequate ammunition to keep the fire burning.

Is the Zoozoos the best campaign you have done in the recent past

Most definitely, yes. Why Because there is absolutely no precedent to what the Zoozoos managed to do. It questioned every norm in the book and debunked it. It is perhaps one of the few times a commercial brand has moved an entire nation with its communication. And all credit goes to Vodafone for working with us and inspiring us to create this magic.

How has the campaign helped Vodafone besides boosting its top-of-mind recall

The campaign has built greater love for brand Vodafone. Competitors respect it, consumers desire it, and users wear the brand as a badge of pride. This has been widely acknowledged by peer groups and industry bodies as well, with Vodafone being proclaimed Marketer of the Year recently at the Effies 2009. The Vodafone Zoozoo campaign also swept the Effies 2009, industry awards instituted for advertising effectiveness, with two golds and a silver.