The talent and speed of F1 driving grips me

Updated: Apr 28 2004, 05:30am hrs
From thinking up unusual restaurant names -All Stir Fry, Not Just Jazz By The Bay, Just Around The Corner, Poly Esthers to setting up her own chain of restaurants, Rachna Narang surely leads a busy life. Her way of unwinding are the fast tracks, which keep her adrenaline pumping. Rachna Narang, executive director, Mars Hotels and Restaurants Pvt Ltd speaks about her new craze Formula One (F1).

On F1 as a sport: The sheer talent required by the driver and the speed at which he drives grips me. F1 is a sport that requires co-ordination between the driver, the car and the entire team. It is all about precision, where every hundredth of a second counts.

On her introduction to F1: I was introduced to F1 by Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin, his wife Anjali, my brother Sanjay, and some of our friends had gone to the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim last year.

On her favourite F1 driver: Kimi Raikkonen. In an extremely short period of time, Kimi has proved that he is a potential world champ. He is great to watch with his aggressive style of driving and ice-cool temperament.

Rachna Narang
On her favourite F1 car: I am partial to the BMW Williams as my brother Sanjay, has always only driven a BMW.

On her favourite F1 team: The BMW team. They entered the F1 circuit in the mid 80s and won the very first year they raced, after which they retired as they had achieved their goal. They returned in 2000, and are in the top three teams since then.

On her passion for F1: My life definitely changed after watching the first race and now it has become a passion. I think one needs to experience a race and then you either love it or you dont.

Rachna behind the wheel: Not yet. But, we are going to shortly open a go-karting track and then, I shall definitely give it a shot.

On catching up with races: My trips abroad are planned so that I dont miss any race. I am off to the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona on May 9 and then to the German Grand Prix at Nurburgring on May 30. These are my birthday presents.