The Spoil Sport

Updated: Apr 27 2004, 05:30am hrs
Now that public broadcaster Doordarshan is spreading the message of sharing, the travails of the Dubai-based sports channel Ten Sports come to mind naturally. As is well-known, the matter reached the courts when the latter refused to share its exclusive telecast rights for the Indo-Pak cricket series. Ultimately, the Supreme Court ordered Ten to share its cricket signal with DD, all live, in national interest.

Now that DD has got the exclusive rights for the Athens Olympics, it wants to share it with private channels at a price, of course and that too only some footage! Does that mean that even Ten Sports can use the DD Olympics feed A source in the pubcaster promptly replied: No, the offer is only open for Indian channels!

Its Official
Recently, a leading industry organisation organised a one-day familiarisation trip for its members on a potential corporate social responsibility project. At one of the venues, the cold drinks provided to the guests were Pepsi and Limca.

A Coke executive, who was part of the delegation, refused to touch Pepsi and instead opted for Limca saying it was against company policy to drink a cola of a competing company! Now everything is official about this, one would think!

Translations can be a tough job. And literal translations can be even more painful. Ask the execs of a leading software company who recently brought out a Hindi version of their popular operating software. At the preliminary stage of translation, one of the suggested words for the icon Recycle Bin was kudey ka dabba (waste paper basket). The translation was a literal one, but better sense prevailed finally when the company simply transliterated the word in Hindi.