The road less travelled

Written by Swami Chaitanya Keerti | Updated: Nov 30 2008, 05:35am hrs
A man was purchasing a parrot. He went to the pet shop. He liked one parrot very beautiful. He asked the price. The price appeared to be a little too much: the man was asking one thousand dollars. The purchaser asked, Is that parrot worth that much The shopkeeper said, You can ask the parrot himself He asked the parrot, and the parrot said, There is no doubt about it. He said it so convincingly. It appeared so natural. The man purchased the parrot, and he was very excited to show it to his wife and his children. He brought the parrot home.

He asked the parrot, What is your name He said, There is no doubt about it. The man said, What He said, There is no doubt about it! The man asked, Do you know anything else or not He said, There is no doubt about it. The man said, My God, I must have been a fool to purchase you! The parrot said, There is no doubt about it!

This is some kind of affirmation that is quite hilarious. This affirmative attitude does not lead us anywhere, but theres another kind of affirmation that arises out of a positive attitude towards life, saying yes to life and embracing life whole-heartedly. This attitude creates trust in life and makes it worth living.

The enlightened mystic Osho talks about a great law called the law of affirmation: if you can affirm something deeply, totally, absolutely, it starts becoming real. Thats why people are in misery, because of that law: they affirm misery. Thats why people are happy, but only a few people, because only a few people are aware of what they are doing to their lives. Once they affirm joy, they become joyous.

He suggests: Make it a point: stop affirming negativities and start affirming positivities. Within a few weeks you will be surprised that you have a magical key in your hands. For example, if you get sad easily, then every night before you go to sleep affirm twenty times silently, deeply, to yourself but loud enough so that you can hear it, that you are going to be joyous, that this is going to happen, this is already on the way. You have lived your last sadness...good-bye!

Repeat it twenty times and then fall asleep. And in the morning when you first become aware that your sleep is gone, dont open your eyes, repeat it again twenty times and see the change in the day. You will be surprised a different quality surrounds you. Within seven days time you will have affirmed something and known the result of it. Then slowly, slowly, drop all negativities. Choose one negativity for one week then drop it. Choose one positivity and imbibe it. It is all a question of our choice. Hell is created by your thoughts, so is heaven. A man is as he thinketh. And when you have seen this that thought can create hell and heaven then the ultimate jump can be taken into no-thought. One can transcend hell and heaven both. And remember: it is easier to transcend heaven than to transcend hell. So first move from the negative to the positive. It looks paradoxical but it is easier to leave something that is beautiful than that which is ugly; the ugly clings.

Everybody in the world needs such a change in his life from misery to happiness. As a matter of fact, the whole world needs it. The entire world is in desperate need of change, thats why when Barack Obama talked about change, the people of America responded with enthusiasm and hope.

If we continue having this hope and trust in our hearts, we would unleash tremendous amount of positive energy in the world to herald a new future, never ever seen before.

Says Osho in his discourse, The New Dawn: Life cannot be lived through no, and those who try to live life through no simply go on missing life. One cannot make an abode out of no, because no is just empty. No is like darkness. Darkness has no real existence; it is simply the absence of the light. Thats why you cannot do anything with darkness directly: you cannot push it out of the room, you cannot throw it into the neighbours house, you cannot bring more darkness into your house. Nothing can be done directly with darkness, because it is not. If you want to do something with darkness, you will have to do something with light. If you want darkness turn the light off; if you dont want darkness put the light on. But all that you have to do has to be done with the light.

Yes is tremendously beautiful; just to say is so relaxing. Let it become your prayer, your meditation. Sitting silently, simply say yes, yes . . . as totally as possible. Sway with it, dance with it, let it resound in you from one end to the other end: yes! And you will be surprised; it becomes a mantra, it will create great music in you. The root of the word amen simply means yes. When you finish your prayer and you say amen, you are saying Yes god, yes god, yes god. But people go on saying amen without knowing that it means yes; then it is meaningless. Change it; it is better to say Yes, god and to say it so totally that your body says it, your mind says it, your soul says it. Let it become your very life style. Say yes to the trees and the birds and people, and you will be surprised: life becomes a blessing if you are there to say yes to it. Life becomes a great adventure.

The writer is the director of Osho World Foundation