The Quick-Read Review: Portronics Pure Sound Pro BT gives you all the options

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | Updated: Jan 31 2014, 16:08pm hrs
Pure Sound Pro BTPure Sound Pro BT costs Rs 4,499
The first Portronics Pure Sound portable speakers gave a host of options to those who had their music stashed away in multiple sources across the house. A year later, the company has an upgraded version of the device to a Pro version for those carrying around their music in a smartphone or tablet.

Quick Tech Specs: 2.5 W speakers | FM Tuner | BlueTooth | SD Card reader | USB | MP3/APE/FLAC | 1000mAh Li-ion battery | Aux port | 3.5mm jack

Design: The design is exactly the same as the Portronics Pure Sound, a long string of speaker with a stylish LED panel and buttons at the end. This business end also houses a battery of ports and the Lithium-ion battery. It would have been a great idea to have a flap here to prevent dust from accumulating here. Otherwise it is a very functional design and is not very heavy. There are buttons for volume, play and skip, mode and scan. Plus, the lightweight remove gives you a few more options like skipping folder when you are playing from a storage device.

Audio: For the speaker that is not all that expensive and coming from a company that does not make its own drivers, the Pure Sound Pro has superb sound quality. Even over wireless the audio quality is clear and lossless. The best experience is obviously when you are playing from the SD card slot or the USB. It is also loud, and you will not need to go beyond the halfway mark. The Pro is not very high on bass, but not everyone needs that option.

Options: I love the Pure Sound Pro for the fact that is gives the user every conceivable option and that is how manufacturers must think these days. So while this is primarily a device that feeds off your smartphone or laptop it also gives you the option of breaking free from the boredom of your playlist by switching to FM radio. Tuning stations is as simple as it can be and you can skip from one station to another in one touch. The Bluetooth pairing is also simple as the device starts scanning as soon as you enter this mode.

Battery: The speaker comes with a removable phone-like Lithium-ion battery. On a single charge this can play for up to eight hours. However, there is power adapter in the box and you will need to plug in the USB cable into a smartphone charger or laptop to power this up. This means it takes rather long to charge the 1000 mAh battery.

Verdict: At Rs. 4,499, the Portronics Pure Sound Pro BT is good value for money option for those looking for a speaker for the home. There are not many other devices that give you so many source options while promising a decent playback quality.