The New Thums Up Challenge: Coke Steers Clear Of Pepsi

New Delhi: | Updated: Apr 30 2002, 05:30am hrs
Coca-Cola India has once again taken the cola fight to the streets with Thums Up. The company last week relaunched the ‘Thums Up Challenge’ which last year played the Pepsi-tastes-sweet card and tried to reposition Pepsi as a drink for kids. Incidentally, this year’s campaign—which last year got both the companies entangled in a court case—has no direct reference to the brand Pepsi or the Pepsi baseline Dil Maange More.

Coke had mimicked the Pepsi line Dil Maange More which later filed a case of copyright and trademark infringement against Coke. While Pepsi lost the case, it finally brought in a bold new dimension to head-to-head competitive advertising as was declared in a court judgement.

According to the company release, the Thums Up campaign which was launched last year was a hard-hitting marketing act in the soft drinks category — resulting in a whopping 40 per cent increase in brand preference and a noticeable increase in marketshare.

This year, apart from Salman Khan, the Thums Up Challenge campaign features Sushmita Sen, as well.

Coke plans to repeat the ground promotions on the Challenge campaign like last year.