The Indian Cyber Criminal Is Amongst The Best Brains In The World

New Delhi: | Updated: May 17 2002, 05:30am hrs
With the worldwide Internet population growing at an unprecedented pace, the task of dealing with a cyber criminal is getting complex each passing day. The increase in the quantum of sensitive data in cyberspace has particularly put the spotlight on cyber-policing and security measures. Supreme Court lawyer and cyber crime consultant Pavan Duggal spoke to eFE on the emerging challenges to deal with cyber crime in India. Excerpts:

What is the extent of cyber crime in India at present

India is beginning to witness mature cyber crimes involving a lot of meticulous planning. However, along with this growth in cyber crime, we are witnessing a decline in reporting of such crime. It means that corporates are now not reporting incidents of cyber crime to the police and cyber crime cells all across the country for fear of undue negative publicity. Only one in 20 cyber crimes that take place is reported in the country.

What are the areas having the maximum incidence of cyber crime

Hacking is one of the more prevalent forms of cyber crime. Besides, cases of cyber stalking, cyber harassment, cyber fraud, cyber defamation and many other cyber crimes are on the increase. Meanwhile, cyber terrorism is also beginning to increase in the country. The Red Fort incident and the December 13, 2001, attack on Parliament showed the increasing tendency of terrorists outfits to use Internet, steganography and other related technologies. India is also seeing a lot of monetary cyber crimes.

Do you see any new areas where cyber crime could occur in India

Yes, the new areas could include cyber crimes in online gambling, e-mail, spoofing, various new kinds of economic cyber fraud and cyber crimes relating to theft of confidential data and its potential misuse in the context of the Internet.

Please compare the situation in India with the global scenario.

The level of cyber crime in India is pretty evolved. Various mature level cyber crimes occurred in India at a much earlier point of time than their respective emergence in West-ern countries. The Indian cyber criminal is very mature and sharp and can be counted amongst the best criminal brains of the world.

How are the various Indian agencies tackling the menace of e-crime

The various Indian agencies tackling e-crime are trying to go their own way. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is doing its own bit, the National Police Acad-emy is also trying to work on some standards concerning cyber crimes.

What are the loopholes in the system hindering cyber crime-fighting

The IT Act 2000 basically deals with specified cybercrimes like damage to computer source code, hacking, publishing of obscene electronic information, breach of privacy and confidentiality, publishing false digital signature certificates or for fraudulent purposes and breach of a protected system.