The Extra-safe Governor

Updated: Jan 29 2004, 05:30am hrs
Reserve Bank of India governor YV Reddy is a cautious man these days. Particularly while delivering lectures in the presence of journos.

Last Tuesday, at the National Institute of Bank Management, Pune, eavesdropper heard Dr Reddy say: And I would like to tell my media friends that I am now speaking as an academician, not as RBI governor. I am saying this so that I can speak freely today. And, anything you write, I would also want to be in a position to say that I was misquoted.

Talk about a Reddy-mix of wit and caution!

Shining Instance Of Going Overboard
The fact that there are a lot of Indian software engineers in the US is hardly new. But as India ostensibly shines, chain e-mails from certain quarters insist on pulling out examples of shining software engineers in the US who are Indian.

One of these e-mails that eavesdropper received was from a bureaucrat from the ministry of tourism in Delhi.

In the e-mail that he sent out listing the great achievements of India, the points range from the fact that India not only invented zero, but also the fact that the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, Vinod Khosla, is an Indian.

Thats not all. The mail adds that not only have Jews and Christians lived continuously and safely in our country since 200 BC, but (hold your breath), the head of the team that developed the Pentium co-processor, Vinod Dham, is also an Indian!

It comes about that with India shining, the bureaucrat in question might want to talk about achievements of the here and now.