The development imperatives

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Jul 1 2008, 03:40am hrs
Goldman Sachs makes three unusual points (The I in BRIC, June 23) while suggesting 10 things that India needs to do to become an economic superpower by 2050. But all the 10 points are being implemented in one way or the other by the central and state governments with varying degree of success. India will be a fully developed country in much lesser span of time provided there is stable government at the Centre. Another imperative is efforts by IIMians, IITians and NRIs to work for the development of villages where they were born.

SC Aggarwal, New Delhi

No dice

Though Somnath Chatterjees suggestion of a system of right to recall for legislators to deal with misbehavior in Houses is laudable, the question is how to put it in practice because of the sheer numbers involved.

VS Venkatavaradan, Salem