The Charade Underway In UP

Written by Malvika Singh | Updated: Aug 30 2003, 05:30am hrs
And, once again the largest state in India is in a mess. Maybe the Governor should have declared Presidents Rule and forced the many aspiring netas to work for six months in an attempt to secure the throne.

The horsetrading is on, Mayawati is on the rampage, the BJP is countering all her accusations, the Congress cannot decide what to do. Sadly, the latter has so few seats and such a minuscule presence that whatever it may have achieved over the last many months will probably dissipate with them joining a coalition.

We all know that the Congress and Samajwadi parties will not be able to be comrades for long. They will soon be abusing each other much like Mayawati and the BJP. Why then this charade If you cannot rule because you do not have the numbers and therefore the clout, do not rule. Go and work for the people. Give before you take. Why this desperation to join hands for the sake of joining hands and nothing else The Congress gains nothing at all.

It has no say in anything in UP. Over the years it has lost most of its base. It has worked UP in the same archaic fashion of the past. It has got strangled in the jargon of caste politics. It has got hardly any seats. Despite that, it has not had the gumption to break the norm and let loose a new energy, a new slogan. It is a party that can experiment and take a risk since it has nothing to lose. Alas, it does not have the will to pioneer a change in attitude and approach by addressing larger and real issues of survival and growth.

Today, it is being used as temporary gum, not even glue! Better to stay out and not participate in the usual jigs that abound in Uttar Pradesh. Lets have some dignity in politics. The Congress could, if it had the intellectual wherewithal, set the parameters for the future and lay the foundations for it today. Joining this coalition puts them into a category that India is tired of.

This whole business of the age of coalition cannot be taken as a mantra that is imperative in the politics of today. If there is a value and principle that is shared, it makes sense. The people are wise, and sick and tired of seeing their leaders play the games they do and they see through these coalitions. India, across the board, is ready for a sound political alternative not necessarily a new party but definitely a radically altered mindset that believes in India and not in my lot as against your lot, my caste as against yours.

One recent example of this was a stark reminder of how political parties hold each other, and all of us, to ransom. The municipality in Jaipur is under the BJP. The filth on the streets is unimaginable worse than any town or city that I have visited in this country, be it the north or the south, east or west. The deterioration in the last few months has been staggering. Juxtaposed to this is the fact that the state is ruled by the Congress. So, the BJP/municipality allows the capital of Rajasthan to become a cess pool.

The us vs you syndrome. This city is deemed to be the tourist gateway to India why would we want visitors to wade through excreta

Jaipur belongs to all of us and these political parties have no right whatsoever to destroy our precious inheritance. Instead of expending unlimited energy on trying to ban cow slaughter, the BJP should be ensuring that our cities are kept clean and that the revered cow is not condemned to chewing plastic bags! We have the filthiest towns and cities in the world. Dirt, dirt and more dirt. And we are not ashamed of ourselves. That is the scary part.

In Delhi we have a similar situation. The CM has no jurisdiction over law and order. The Congress does not control the police in a state where it rules! It is a laughable, utterly absurd reality. And, the BJP government wants to table a Bill for bequeathing statehood to Delhi, with the same provision. Madness. There is no other definition for it.