The best products of 2014

Updated: Aug 24 2014, 07:55am hrs
* Smart sleep system

Withings has introduced its latest tracking product, the Aura Smart Sleep System. The product consists of a bedside gadget that records information, including noise, room temperature and light levelcustomising light and sound in order to help the user get a good nights rest. In addition, Aura comes with a sleep sensor that slips under the mattress and monitors your breathing cycle, body movements and heart rate. Together, through a connecting app for your mobile device, you can better understand your sleeping patternsand perhaps make positive changes as a result.

* Curved-screen TVs

LG and Samsung have kicked off the new craze in television viewing: curved screens. Other TV makers are preparing to roll out their own versions. The resolution is fantastic and the extra-wide screen has been designed to eliminate the black bars you usually see when watching a film. Some like it, some dont, but the experience is unique and innovative.

* Bluetooth toothbrush

The Kolibree toothbrush is yet another product that taps into the mobility trendby hooking up your dental hygiene to your smartphone.

The Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush connects with an app on your mobile device in order to rank you on how well youre brushing your teeth.

* HPs Slate21 Pro

This is an all-in-one personal computer with an Android interface. The 21.5-inch Android desktop tablet, which comes complete with a keyboard and mouse, is touted as an all-in-one solution. The tablet doubles up as a display monitor and its IPS touch screen can be adjusted to be flexible in different work environments.

* Lens-style camera

Sony recently introduced the DSC-QX series lens-style cameras, the first-ever pro-grade zoom lens and sensor combo that clips right to your smartphone and allows you to share your photos instantly. Now, you can shoot DSLR-quality pics and instantly share them online.

* T-Fal OptiGrill

For most of us and most of the times, grilling our favourite food is considered pure guesswork, but, it seems, it may no longer hold true. The T-Fal OptiGrill comes with sensors, which gauge a foods thickness and determine the time needed to cook it to perfection. It even beeps when ready, so you dont have to hover over the grill.

* Sleep Number Dualtemp Layer

Forget about freezing ACs. This mattress duvet comes with a floor unit that pulls in room-temperature air, warm or cold as per your liking, and directs it into the mattress duvet. Twin remote controls, one for each side, offer individual comfort. There is a programmable timer and an automatic switch-off system.