The All New FE Stock Tables!

Updated: May 31 2002, 05:30am hrs
Honouring our permanent commitment to our readers to continually upgrade the quality of news reporting and analysis, we are pleased to further improve the quality and range of information provided on our stock pages. The all new FE Stock tables combine the quotations of the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. The information now provided includes, apart from the scrips code, the price/earnings ratio, market capital, 52-week high/low and 3-months high/low, in addition to the change in closing prices for A, B1, B2 and Z Groups.

For now, due to restriction of space, the B2 Group quotes are limited to companies whose stocks are quoting above Rs 10. Shortly, we will be providing the full list. In addition, for the A Group, we are able to provide the following new information: On Tuesdays, return on net worth, return on capital employed and book value. On Wednesdays, change in EPS for 12, six and three months. On Thursdays, change in price for 12, six and three months. On Fridays, growth in net profits for 12, six and three months. On Saturdays, growth in net sales for 12, six and three months. On the Investrak page, we now offer daily data on industry-wise portfolios, and exhaustive data on mutual funds including percentage change in NAVs, and top 10 gainers and losers in NAV. We also offer detailed data on market capitalisation on BSE and NSE. Page II of the second section will also have detailed information on e-stocks.

With this, the all new FE stock pages are among the best the market now offers. However, we promise not to rest on our oars. Our readers know that at FE quality upgradation is a daily drill.