'Tech revolution responsible for job outsourcing'

Written by Agencies | Washington, July 31: | Updated: Jul 31 2008, 15:04pm hrs
The Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has held revolution in technology and communication in last few decades responsible for outsourcing of jobs to India and China.

"Over the last few decades, revolutions in technology and communication have made it so that corporations can send good jobs wherever there's an Internet connection. Children here in Missouri aren't just growing up competing for good jobs with children in California or Indiana, but with children in China and India as well," Senator Obama said at a campaign rally in Springfield, Missouri.

In a veiled attack on previous government for its decision on economic reforms, he said "it was irresponsible decisions that were made on Wall Street and in Washington. In the past few years, we have relearned the essential truth that in the long run, we cannot have a thriving Wall Street and a struggling Main Street."

When wages are flat, prices are rising and more and more Americans are mired in debt, the economy as a whole suffers.

When a reckless few game the system, as we've seen in this housing crisis, millions suffer and we're all impacted, he said, adding when government fails to meet its obligation - to provide sensible oversight and stand on the side of working people and invest in their future - America pays a heavy price.

"So, we have a choice to make in this election. We can either choose a new direction for our economy, or we can keep doing what we've been doing," he said.

Emphasising on a need to develop job prospects at home instead of outsourcing it to other nations, Obama said "we can choose to do nothing about disappearing jobs and shuttered factories for another four years, or we can encourage job creation in the United States of America."