TCS US Exposure Lowest Among Indian IT Majors

Mumbai, July 27 | Updated: Jul 28 2004, 05:52am hrs
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS Ltd) has lowest exposure to the US compared to its Indian peers. The most noticeable difference, which is clearly visible, is the revenue model of TCS Ltd. The share of US business in its total revenue is lowest as compared to other frontline software companies. This is despite the fact that most IT companies survive on the revenues generated from US.

In the fiscal year 2003-04, the exposure of TCS Ltd to the US stood at 62.2 per cent of its revenue as compared to Infosys Technologies which stood at 71.2 per cent, Satyam Computers 73.3 per cent, Patni Computers 88.8 per cent and Wipro Technologies 65 per cent.

Meanwhile, as on FY04, the presence of TCS Ltd in the rest of the world (ROW) was the highest at 17.9 per cent and 19.9 per cent in Europe, Infosys Technologies 9.6 per cent in ROW and 19.2 per cent in Europe, Wipro Technologies seven per cent in ROW and 28 per cent Europe, Satyam Computers 13 per cent in ROW and 13.7 per cent Europe and Patni Computers four per cent in ROW and 7.2 per cent Europe.

Tejas Doshi, head of research, Sushil Shares and Stock Brokers said: TCS has a broad base strategy, which helps them to spread their reach as well as safeguard their revenue model.

This does not mean that they are slowing down their business in the US. In fact, they are growing faster in the US following high margins in the region, compared to other regions. But, businesses in other region helps them to garner high-end businesses in the US, Mr Doshi pointed out.

For example, in India, TCS Ltd work on high-end business which helps them to leverage their domain and experience for garnering business in the US which will have been difficult otherwise, he added.