Tata Jaguar No ones sure yet

Written by Lalitha Srinivasan | Mumbai, Mar 28 | Updated: Mar 29 2008, 05:48am hrs
Whats in a name Apparently, a lot. After acquiring Fords iconic brands Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR), will Tata Motors change the brand names of its acquisitions Its a split vote so far. While leading brand consultants predict the company will continue with the same brand names, there are others who argue that the group will at least have a Tata Jaguar sooner or later.

Kiran Khalap, founder of Chlorophyll, a leading brand consultancy firm, said: Jaguar & Land Rover have their own cache across the globe. If they add the name Tata, it could defeat the very purpose of acquiring them. I do not think Tata Motors will change the brand names ever.

Sharing similar views Alok Nanda, managing director, Alok Nanda & Company, said: I think Tata Motors will continue with the same names as it is a leading consumer brand across the globe. At best, they may have Tata as the corporate name.

According to Jagdeep Kapoor, marketing guru, Tata Motors should keep the brand name as it is, as JLR has tremendous brand equity across the globe. The group is experienced enough in handling luxury brands like the Taj and Tanishq. But mind you, Tata Tetley is a popular brand, not a luxury brand like JLR, reasoned Kapoor.

In sharp contrast to these views, a leading advertising professional in Mumbai, who doesnt want to be named, said: After Tata Tea acquired the Tetley group in UK in 2000, the group had added its corporate identity Tata in Tetleys tea packages across the globe. Likewise, the company will incorporate its brand name some way or the other.